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2020 Q1 Financial Review

May 1st officially marked the end of my first financial quarter for 2020. And while 2020 has been pretty terrible overall, financially, for me, it could have been a lot worse, even if it could have been better. What follows is my 2020 Q1 financial review.

((Note: I know this isn't true for billions of other people around the world. This blog functions as a personal diary about my personal finance and is not meant to represent the perspective or experiences of anyone other than myself. I don't seek to offer advice or sell you anything (not that there is anything wrong with folks who do.) As I have said before, my current financial situation produces a lot of shame and anxiety for me and this blog helps me manage those feelings.))

Debt Repayment

1/1/2020 Debt Total: -$127,688.14

5/1/2020 Debt Total:-$121,891.82

Difference:$5,796.32(Note: This is just the difference in my balances and not the total amount paid.)
Almost six thousand dollars over four months feels like a success, even …

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