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Stupidity. Reason. Qualified stupidity. The post where I explain how I got here.

So I have been dreading writing this post. Not because it will lay bare all of the stupid choices I have made with money over the years but because of the sheer length of time I expected it to take to write it. I have a problem with procrastination. I procrastinate doing things which in turn causes anxiety. Sometimes this is a good thing. I work well and find a clear mind under pressure. Sometimes it is a bad thing and I just never get done what I need to get done. However, the great thing I have found about my thirties is that I no longer aspire to be someone else. As in, I no longer aspire to be someone that doesn't procrastinate. I no longer aspire to be someone that likes to go to the gym. Instead, I create systems that anticipate and plan for who I am. I walk to and from work because I know that I won't go to the gym when I get home. And I write blog posts I don't want to write in bullet format to prevent myself from procrastinating the narrative. So here it goes...


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